Wedding Trends 2019 in Orlando to Watch


Wedding Trends 2019Who doesn't want to have a trendy wedding? A wedding that follows the right colors, styles and uses the most popular flowers for that year? Just about any bride and groom will want to have a wedding that follows these guidelines. Let's take a look at some of the current trends that have been projected for this year.

WEDDING THEMES 2019 that are trending on social media are:

  • Boho
  • Woodsy (rustic is out! Woodsy is in)
  • Modern
  • Glamour

Wedding Trends 2019 in Colors and Decor

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding on the 19th May 2018 had all eyes on her as she walked the long aisle of St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle. A simple palette of white and green surrounded the ceremony, offering purity and elegance. Royal weddings often set the trend for the next year of weddings. We should expect to see a color palette that is fit for royalty in the coming months.

Looking at the photos from that day, it’s not hard to see why green has become THE "Green fit for Royalty" color for 2019 weddings.


Of course with a recent royal wedding, tiaras took the stage again as brides want to create their fairy tale dream wedding complete with a princess bride.

This also means using soft colors like white and sage green and shades of these colors. This year your wedding should be soft, alluring, calming and totally romantic!

Purple is also  going to be a hot color for this season. When thinking purple choose complimentary colors that include lavender and rich purple with sparkles of gold.

When setting the scene for your wedding take a look at shows like The Crown. Use large candlesticks, traditional china and have a classical playing your music. We carry all the china and glassware to make your event amazing. Click here to see our dinner and glassware. 

Wedding Trends 2019 in Flowers

The romantic looking dahlias are the flowers of the year when it comes to weddings. Of course, what you choose, will depend on which flowers are in season for your proposed wedding date. Another classic romantic choice in flowers would be any sweet smelling rose.

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Wedding Trends 2019 in Food 

For your wedding food you want to go for small plates. Create a menu that includes finger foods and foods that can be served easily. This way your guests can mix and match what they want to eat. This is an easy way to cater for guests that may have food restrictions, allergies or who may be eating low carb or paleo for example.

Wedding Trends 2019 in Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are simple yet anything but boring this year. You should choose your cake according to the season. If you are getting married in the summer opt for a lemon cake with a great lemony flavor. For winter brides choose a decadent chocolate cake. A dramatic effect is to simply ice a cake by using different piping techniques on each layer.

Wedding Trends 2019 in Music & Lighting

Now on to music choices for 2019, the popular trend is to match your choice of music to your wedding theme and location. If you are holding your reception in a castle or with a French theme select music that reflects this.

Many times the ceremony has classical music and the reception has popular music. It’s fun to add lighting to go along with your music. We can also help you with the lighting for your wedding. Please contact us to discuss the lighting with our team.

A neat twist of wedding favors is to leave a surprise for your guests at their hotel instead. This could be something small and useful and may be more appreciated than a traditional wedding favor.

Wedding trends come and go quickly so if you haven't set a date yet you may not want to totally commit to a certain color or theme for your wedding. You can still go by the above guidelines to create a unique wedding personalized to you at any time.

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