Wedding Tent Rentals

Are you dreaming about a garden wedding? The great outdoors can make an amazing scenic backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception, if your venue requires a portable structure (or if you need one for a weather backup plan) Our wedding tent rentals are perfect for your outdoor ceremony and reception here in Orlando, Florida. We deliver to the surrounding areas of Central Florida.  Here in sunny Florida, many people will need a break from the sunshine. Plus we also have a tendency to have afternoon showers which could ruin your cake and other items at your event.  Here are some things to consider while planning your special event.


Wedding Tent Rentals Come in All Size


We have small tents that are 10' x 10" which could accommodate a sit-down dinner 10 people with dining table & chairs only.


Our largest tent is 30' x 60" and it can accommodate 180 people for dinner and 300 people for a ceremony.


These can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your needs. We can help you figure out the size that you will need for your event.


Why We Carry Frame Tents

Wedding Tent Rentals

A frame tent is more versatile since it can go on multiple surfaces (including grass, asphalt, concrete or a deck). Since there are no poles inside, it will give you more square footage inside since you don’t have to plan your seating around the poles.


Things to Consider with Wedding Tent Rentals

In addition to your basic structure, you’ll have to decide which of the following additions you’ll need:

  • Flooring

  • Sidewalls

  • Liners/Draping

  • Lighting

  • Heaters

  • Fans/AC

  • Catering tent (if your venue does not offer a kitchen/covered set-up area, you might need an additional, smaller tent for this)

Questions You Should Ask at Your Venue

  • Am I required to have a tent for the ceremony and/or reception? If not, what is the venue’s weather backup plan?

  • How many hours do I have for setup/breakdown? (As a general rule, tents can take around 6-8 hours for setup, and half that time to break them down.)

  • What is the cost for additional rental hours if needed?

  • Is there a power source or do I need a generator?

  • What are the measurements of the space we would be tenting?

  • Am I required to use a specific tent rental company? If not, which ones can you recommend?

  • Are there any permits required?

  • Can pest control (ants, etc.) be applied prior to your event?

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