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We love weddings and we want to make Wedding Planning in Orlando Florida easier for you. We are delighted to share a very special gift with all our future brides and grooms. The Most Perfect Wedding Planner is an eBook that we have created just for you. Below is a portion of this  Planner for you to download and use while planning.

Wedding Planning in Orlando Florida Just Got Easier

Sample from Most Perfect Wedding Planner eBook:

Planning the wedding this is an immense task for most people, there are many important tasks that must be completed.There are so many important tasks that must be completed. Its takes on average sixteen months to plan, so that you don’t feel rushed on your big day.  It’s best to spread out all of the required tasks, one way of doing this is to get a binder or folder and make lists and mark off when the tasks are completed. Then place everything in the binder or folder to keep it safe.

About nine months before the wedding date, you should start put all your thoughts regarding bridal gowns and bridesmaids fashion ideas.  You will also need to choose a color theme. Food and reception ideas should also be placed in this folder or binder.

You will need to have a budget so you don’t over spend, you should also start to think about who you want to be in your wedding party.

A guest list will have to be done to give you an idea on numbers, when invitations are sent out it should include Contact information, gifts, RSVP’s and any other relevant information i.e. accommodation information.  As the returns come in tick that person of the list, this way you know how many to carter for.

Still at the nine months point you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner (or not).  A wedding planner would take all the pressure of you.  You should also research caterers, bands, discos, Florists and Photographers.

Eight months before the wedding you should hired a photographer and a Videographer.  It would be a good idea to look at pass work they have done. You don’t have to talk yet about how the pictures should be taken.

At this time the bride’s gown and groom outfit should be picked, you should schedule at least three fitting sessions for the wedding gown to ensure that the fits well come the wedding day.  At this stage you could put your wedding date on Facebook etc. to let everyone know about the wedding.  It’s also a good idea to create an amazon wedding gift list.

Six months before the wedding you need to have more specific details in place and finalize arrangements as in rentals equipment, cars, offertory, venue etc. (such as portable toilets for outdoor wedding).  The florist and transportation needs. There is a list at the end of this booklet to help you....

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