Most weddings are just naturally romantic. The idea of two people joining their lives together to become a single unit is romantic. What could possibly be any more romantic? But how to plan a romantic wedding is another story.

Dreamy Locations

The location of the wedding can add charm to an already romantic occasion, of course. Many exotic locations around the globe cater to romantic weddings. Here in Florida over 100,000 couples get married in our beautiful sunshine state every year.

Beach weddings have become popular over the past few years, and the beach is certainly a romantic place — provided a hurricane isn't making landfall. If you decide to plan a beach wedding, you need to schedule it between November and May, when you'll have a better chance of good weather for your wedding. Here at Otter Equipment Rental we deliver to the Central Florida Beaches including Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, and St. Augustine.

Lighting for a Romantic Wedding

Lighting is another romance enhancer. Bright lights aren't as sentimental as low lights, and low lights aren't as romantic as candlelight. If possible, have your evening wedding performed by candlelight or flame-less candles At the very least, have candles burning.

The unity candle ceremony within the wedding ceremony also can add romance. There are three candles in candelabra. The bride and groom each light their own candles, and they represent the separate lives. The two candles are used to ignite the third candle and that candle signifies the joining of the two lives. Each single candle is then extinguished, indicating that there is no longer separateness. Yes, unity candle ceremonies are very romantic, and very symbolic!

Lighting for the reception is important so that your guests can feel inspired to dance. We have an excellent selection of lighting options  for your wedding.

Music for a Wedding

Music can also add to the love of a romantic wedding. There are hundreds of pieces of wedding music, from classical to pop and country. They're all romantic. It's up to the bride and groom to choose the piece of music that is most romantic for them.

How to Plan a Romantic Wedding Includes Location, Lighting and Music

Location, lighting, and music are three ways to make an already charming occasion even more romantic, but the most romantic aspect of a wedding is the love of the man and the woman who are marrying!

Here at Otter Equipment we are here to show you how to plan a romantic wedding.


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