Are you wondering how to plan a destination ceremony in beautiful Florida?

Florida is a wonderful place to have a destination ceremony and reception. We have some of the most beautiful beaches and attractions in the world.  Most family members won't object to coming to Florida.

how to plan a destination wedding in florida

7 Important Steps for How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Florida

Step 1:  Chose a Venue and Consider the Local Weather

In our last wedding planning tip, Looking for Cheap Orlando Wedding Package we provided several locations around central Florida. You'll also want to consider the local weather. If you're planning an event in Central Florida. Please know that we often have an afternoon shower around 3 or 4 pm in the summer months.

Step 2: Notify Your Guests

You will want to let out of town guests know well in advance of your big day so they can "save the date" and make travel arrangements.

Step 3: Prepare Your Guests

You may want to provide a list of convenient places to stay near your ceremony and reception.

Step 4: Visit the Location in Advance

The internet makes seeing locations easier than ever but nothing can substitute for seeing the location of your destination wedding yourself. Take lots of pictures and bring a tape measure to measure the space of your reception.

You can provide these measurements to your planner.

Step 5: Hire Local Professionals

While visiting the location, check out the local professionals in the area. Most will be very helpful at coordinating your big event.  Here at, we would be happy to coordinate with you months prior to your event in a Florida location. We want everything to be perfect for your special day. We have several wonderful Wedding Packages that take the guesswork out of planning your wedding.

Wedding Packages Orlando ~ Elegant Dinner & Glassware for 100 GuestsWedding Packages Orlando ~ Elegant Dinner & Glassware for 100 Guests

Step 6: Book Your Hotel

The beauty of a destination wedding is that you already in your honeymoon location. Plan ahead where you plan to stay for your honeymoon. Some couples even plan to see their guests while on the honeymoon this is entirely up to you.

Step 7: Carefully Pack

This is no time to skimp on luggage at the airport. You will want to carefully pack your bridal gown and accessories. You may want to carry on a separate suitcase so that your dress is intact for the wedding. A garment bag is an ideal choice, and brides should ask a flight attendant to hang it up. Another option is to lay the gown across the luggage in an overhead bin. Calling the airline ahead to give advance notice that you’ll be traveling with a bridal gown.  Your wedding rings should also be with you on the plane.

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