No one likes to be cheap when it comes to planning a wedding, but let's face it. Weddings are expensive. Let's explore some ways to make your ceremony less expensive without being cheap Orlando Wedding package. When planning a wedding, couples will find that they have to pay for the venue, in addition to a long list of other expenses. For those couples looking to curtail costs wherever they can, getting married at a location without exorbitant fees is one way to do so. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options for an inexpensive Orlando Wedding. If you team any of the following options below with one of our Wedding Packages, you will have a beautiful yet Affordable Orlando Wedding.

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Orlando Parks:

No not at the Orlando Theme Parks, although many couples do get married at our amazing theme parks.  We are suggesting nature parks for couples to get married. They come already decorated by nature and are often-times free to rent. It will be necessary to make arrangements with park administrators to hold the wedding on a specific date or the couple may end up showing up at the same time as another wedding party or on the date of a planned event.  If you are looking for an inexpensive Orlando wedding package, reserving one of our beautiful parks is your best option.

  • Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek in Kissimmee, FL gives wedding guests a trip into Florida's past.
  • Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, FL has an elegant monument and beautiful foliage that makes for a beautiful wedding.
  • Lake Lily in Maitland, Fl has a lovely gazebo that can be rented for weddings.
  • Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida is a beautiful location for a ceremony and reception.  It features a secluded garden where beauty and serenity combine to provide the perfect setting for your wedding day. The sun streams through a canopy of trees to illuminate lush plants and delicate blooms. The gentle sound of the wind carries the songs of many birds as the enchanting sounds of 60 carillon bells from the tower resonate throughout the gardens.

Museums & Theatres:

Those couples with a flair for the dramatic but who are on a budget may want to consider getting married in a community theatre. These are often pretty inexpensive to rent out and they may have space available which is adequate for a reception.


Churches are very inexpensive to rent. Some churches might not even require that their members pay to rent out the sanctuary. Couples interested in getting married at a church will need to contact an administrator. There is typically someone in charge of weddings who will be able to provide the couple will all the pertinent information.

Banquet Halls:

Banquet halls, when decorated nicely, are a great place to have a wedding. They are also relatively inexpensive. Other advantages of getting married at a banquet hall include, but are not limited to, plentiful seating space and the fact that they are set up for food preparation and catering.

Private Residences:

This is perhaps the least expensive place to have a wedding party. Individuals can get married in their own home, their parents or that of a friend’s. In addition to being a low-cost option, it is also an intimate one. Getting married at a home is a great option for those interested in having a small wedding with only their closest family members and friends in attendance.

Of course Central Florida Beaches:

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The beach is one of the most beautiful places to get married. If a person lives near the beach, neither they or their guests will have to pay for travel expenses to get to and from it. The water, birds, and sand make for the perfect backdrop.

Individuals looking to get married at a low-cost locale will be happy to know that they have lots of options available to them. It is possible to get married at a location that is both beautiful and affordable. The beach, a church, a private residence, a banquet hall, a theatre or park, are all terrific places for a cheap Orlando wedding ceremony and reception.

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