It's a new decade and many couples are planning a special wedding in 2020. Here are some of the 2020 wedding trends that we are excited about this year. 

The Roaring 20's 

Glitzy gold, and tons of pearls, we know how to start your new year off with a roar! As in the always glamorous roaring twenties.

We are already seeing weddings and events planned around the roaring 20's.  When setting the scene for your wedding take a look at movies like the Great Gatsby. Use large candlesticks, traditional china and have a big band playing your music. And you could rent a Model A Ford for the bride and groom to roll away in.

Sustainable Weddings 

The world is feeling the affects of climate change and many couples are planning an eco-friendly wedding. It starts with selecting the right venue. Weddings are being held in barns, historic buildings, and outdoor gardens. Renting all of your dinnerware and linens is great for the environment because paper plates and plastic cups don't end up in landfills. Using local vendors is also important because it reduces your carbon footprint.  Selecting the right flowers is and how they are arranged makes a difference as well. Talk to your florist about not using foam or products that end up in landfills. If you are planning a beach wedding is especially important plan carefully so no items blow into the ocean and affect the sea life.

The image below features simple glass vases filled with cut flowers and it is positioned over a rustic wood slap. This eliminates the foam and makes it a sustainable floral arrangement.

2020 Wedding Trends

Bold Colors

We expect the new year to bring about fresh pops of color, new palettes, print mixing, and color combinations that weddings haven't seen before. Consider you and groom's personal style when planning your wedding. What colors do the two of you gravitate towards? If she loves bright yellows and he looks dashing in cobalt consider making cobalt blue and sunny yellow the palette. You can set the table, florals, and design accordingly.

You may want to feature pops of clementine, greenery, mustard, coral, and amethyst. Pop your favorite hue in unexpected places, like the glassware, chair cushions, napkins, and napkin rings.

2020 Wedding Trends

Lighting to Create a Fairy Tale Experience is a Wedding Trends

Most brides dream of a fairy tale wedding. Disney Movies like Frozen inspire a winter wonderland feeling. By introducing unique lighting, you can transform your white wedding into a fairy tale wedding. fairy tale wedding blue lighting

Dessert and Beverage Tables 

This is not a new trend but one we predict will stick around. Your guests will enjoy selecting their own desserts and beverages at themed tables. Many guests have unique food preferences or allergies so have a variety of options available.

2020 Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends That We Love

We love the bright fresh colors being used in weddings and that people are being more environmentally friendly in there wedding planning. Your guests will appreciate this way of thinking as well.


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