Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget

10 Easy Tips to Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a wedding on a small budget can definitely put a strain on your finances. While, of course, you want to plan a beautiful and romantic wedding.You also need to keep to a budget. So let’s take a look at how you can still have that wedding you are dreaming of while not eating into your finances.

1. Set a Budget

One of the first things you want to do is to set a budget for your wedding. By doing this and sticking to it you can easily save thousands of dollars. Your next consideration is to really think about being realistic with your plans.

2. Pick a Free or Low Cost Wedding Venue

It is so easy to have visions of a beautiful wedding in an exotic location, but do you really need the expense ofit? Wouldn’t you rather save the money and put it towards buying your first house instead? While dreams are wonderful your wedding day is only for one day,your relationship is going to hopefully last you a lifetime. Which one is worth putting the extra money into?

Here in Orlando, Florida there are lots of parks and low cost locations where one can have a beautiful wedding.

3. Use Reward Miles for Your Honeymoon

If you are like most people you no doubt collect some type of reward points or miles. You can use these points to help you save money on your wedding. You may be able to use them towards the cost of a hotel room, or to get a better airfare. If you are planning on using reward points then you will want to book any accommodation or tickets in advance.

4. Chose Your Reception Location Wisely

When it comes to choosing the location of your wedding reception keep in mind that these vendors have their own preferred vendors for certain items. So always ask who they recommend for flowers, catering and even for musicians. Here at Otter Equipment, we may have connections that can help you get a better price for these services. Also, we can dress up most any location to make it a beautiful wedding or reception location.

5. Learn to Negotiate when Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget

The biggest way to save the big money on your wedding is by learning to negotiate. Just because your vendor quotes you a price you don’t have to accept it immediately. Most vendors would love your business so be honest about your budget and ask what they do to help you with your budget. Here at Otter Equipment,  we have a full line of melamine china and poly-carbonate glassware that can reduce the price of your reception.

6. Order Flowers in Season

Other areas where you can save money is on ordering flowers. If you choose local flowers that are in season they will much cheaper than going for anything exotic or out of season.

7. Send Email Wedding Invitations

It is also possible to save money on your wedding invitations. Many invitations are sent out via email these days. But if you do want to keep with tradition and have printed invitations, then consider printing them yourselves.  This can save a ton of money and you can find all kinds of printable templates that you can use online.

8. Rent Items Instead of Buying

There are so many items that you can rent instead of buy. You can rent wedding decor items like vases and lighting. Here at Otter Equipment we offer many unique wedding decor items such as a portable bar and a carving station.  

9. Let them Eat Donuts

More and more people are serving non traditional deserts at their wedding. While this may offend some people most people enjoy having something unique at a wedding. Try serving donuts, ice cream or pie. Or cookies from your favorite bakery. Picking something you and your partner love will make the day feel extra special, and will likely save you money in the process.

10.  Book Your Photographer for Shorter Hours

While you want to make sure you have excellent photos of your wedding, you may want to ask family and friends to take lots of pictures and videos at your reception that they can share with you afterwards. Come up with a  # hashtag for your wedding and ask everyone to share photos there.

It really is possible to have a wonderful wedding today without breaking the bank. While planning a wedding on a small budget, be open to changing the time and day of your wedding if the costs are significantly reduced. Always remember to negotiate and search out a better deal for all of your wedding needs.

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